The brave word.

Covid Fight Club

It’s not the size of the business, it’s the fight in the business. It’s time to fight for your business and your presence in our economy. Your business is essential. It’s essential for your family, your staff, your wellbeing, and your place in our community. We are ready to fight alongside you to ensure your […]

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How it all began…

Favour the Brave was created one night as we were discussing how much we’d enjoyed helping a friend set up their business. As we were designing their brand and marketing strategy, we could just see their drive and excitement building. When you witness someone take on a challenge they’re passionate about, you can’t help but […]

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Favour the Brave announce charity partner

Over the past couple of months, we have been calling for non-profit organisations to apply for our Bravery Reward – an initiative that will see us offer our services to one organisation, free of charge, for a two-year period. We received a huge number of applications from so many outstanding people and organisations, which hasn’t […]

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Brand awareness – all angles considered

The familiarity people develop with your brand has, and always will be, incredibly important. Whether it’s an association with your name, logo, services, or characteristics, making people aware of your existence is half the battle when it comes to increasing sales or business. Creating brand awareness campaigns can be a bit of a minefield these […]

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